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Auction clearance rate at 60%

New research into OKC warehouse market

Sale of 2816 S Ann Arbor Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, USA goes for above reserve

From the CEOs' desk

The Sales team has been very busy across the holidays – with James Backer even securing a deal on Christmas Eve!

2018 looks to be even bigger for us as we see the US economy start to increase production and revitalize its manufacturing industry.

While we do not expect the use to have mass production capabilities as they were several decades ago, and increased movement in buying premium and bespoke products from US manufacturers – avoiding cheap products from Asia-Pacific – has seen an increase in related real estate need.

I hope you all enjoyed a happy holidays with your families – now back to work!


Samantha & Lilly

Recent sales 


2816 S Ann Arbor Ave, Oklahoma City



876 Commercial St, Tulsa



13945 Cesar Chavez Dr, Lawton




OKC Warehouse Market

We have recently completed an annual study into the warehouse market in Oklahoma City. It looks as if there is a rise in the need for utilitarian, logistics-based spaces that can serve as both storage and bases for regular truck deliveries.

We believe this is due to extensive road transport between Texas and Iowa, thanks to the rise in ethanol usage in Texas due to their increased export of crude oil.

Great work by Alex Booker on this insightful paper.

Looking forward

We were busier than expected across the holidays and February looks to be quiet due to the cold weather. But as things heat up, business will look begin looking for expansion that will take place over the summer months when things are quieter for them.