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Project Background

Asterix Pens has been a beloved designer of premium pens in Australia for over 4 decades. For each pen it manufactures, Asterix strives for uniqueness and robustness so users can feel special while knowing that their pen will work in any situation. This approach for Asterix has made them the market leader for designer pens in Australia and in the world.

2 years ago Asterix launched a new range of pens called the Obelix to target their growing audience of wealthy young tech entrepreneurs. Despite the successful launch and positive reviews of the product. Sales have declined rapidly after their launch.

Market research conducted by Asterix highlighted that users who bought the Obelix pens loved the quality and features of the pen. However, those who didn't cited that the Obelix pens lacked the 'cool' factor. With the release of the 2nd line of the Obelix pens, Asterix realises that new design work will be needed for the rebranding of the Obelix range.

Goals & Objectives

1. Create designs that resonate with wealthy young tech entrepreneurs.

The designs created should all the suit the new product and and to be able to create the intended brand image that resonates with our audience. Yet it must still maintain the traditional image of elegance, class and exclusivity that is traditionally associated with Asterix Pens. The designs should be usable on all aspects of the Obelix Pen's from the product itself to all the advertising and marketing materials that will be created for the second release.

2. Establish a cohesive design that promotes website conversion.

Research from Asterix shows that this audience buy's their pens from the Asterix's eCommerce site. Currently the product page for the Obelix range is the same as Asterix pens. To go with the second release Asterix intends for their website to gear towards this audience. However there is a concern that gearing towards the Obelix range might disrupt their online sales for their other products. So a design solution would be needed to address this issue.


To meet the goals outlined by by Asterix Pens, our recommendations for the designs are:

1. A new logo for Obelix pens.

We aim to design a new logo for Obelix pens that is attractive to the target audience while maintaining the premium brand image of Asterix pens. Maintaining the already established brand colour's of Asterix to embrace its established brand associations, the logo will utilise best design practices to create an elegant symbol of minimalism and innovation. Values that are shared with the design of popular tech companies such as Apple, Google and Uber that the target audience will surely love.

2. A product page for Obelix pens.

As with the logo, it is important that the website also highlights the best features of the product. However, to avoid any risk of disrupting sale, we recommend designing a unique product page that is custom designed in line with the same design practices adopted for the new logo. This page can be easily accessed from the menu and features a beautifully designed splash page that will be rotated out on the carousel of the front page.

3. A custom made landing page.

Finally, a custom online landing page will be made for the Obelix range. The landing page will share the same design as the product page. This will be done to lead this tech savvy audience who will search for the Obelix range straight to the product. Hopefully, this will further lessen any disruption to the main Asterix site.

Development Process & Timeline

At ACME Design, we believe that good design combines our creative strength with the strategy and in-depth knowledge of our clients. All our projects go through our 4-step process that provides the design solution to your project.






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ACME Design Inc.

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ACME Design, Inc.

was established in 2005 and has spent the past decade providing design research services to some of the world's largest organisations. We are a team of highly experienced designers and love helping and seeing our clients succeed.

A few years back, Aqua, Inc. had a problem with falling revenues and suspected that its design strategies in the rapidly evolving market for e-books were outdated. In the hope of reformulating those strategies, Acqua approached us.

We conducted an in-depth, online survey of Aqua's target market. Based on the conclusions of our research, Aqua saw an extraordinary 310% increase in revenue within just 3 months.

Our team

We're a team of 8 based in Sydney, Australia. We love marketing and love to see our clients succeed. The team is led by:

Daelon Robkind

CEO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Daelon, our CEO, will be leading the team. He's a designer, software engineer and marketer. He's been a speaker at global conferences on SEO, and last year was #1 Fictional Person in the Forbes Top 100 Fictional Examples.

Marcelle McTantan

COO @ ACME Marketing, Inc.

Our COO, Marcelle McTanTan, will be marshalling the team to deliver the project on time and on budget. He is a former Googler, an expert rock climber, NSW Air Guitar champion and voted #1 Most Likely to Grow An Excellent Moustache by Harvard Business Review.

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