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Freelance Writing Proposal

Curated with love for Sunscape Consulting

By Timothy Reynolds

tim@trwriting.com | 541.007.5678 | www.trwriting.com

Words Can Change Everything.

There's no substitute for great writing!

Dear Sunscape Consulting,

I enjoyed connecting with you recently and learning more about your vision and goals, and how effective writing can help you achieve success. I really like where you're headed with your company and believe there are several key opportunities where my writing can support and drive forward your business.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I've made it my life's mission to challenge that old adage. While images can be powerful, words can actually move us in a way that images can't. Words can pierce our exteriors, soothe our broken hearts, inspire our next big dream and solve our biggest challenges.

I'm glad we met, and I invite you to get to know me and my passion for writing even more through the rest of this proposal. I love working with like-minded collaborators and I believe we will make a great team!


Timothy Reynolds

tim@trwriting.com | 541.971.7415 | www.trwriting.com

Working with Tim has been a fantastic experience. Sometimes with creative freelancers, you have to pick between quality work, timeliness, and communication. Tim excels at all three.

-Pivotal Marketing


I believe great writing must come from deep within. It is a given that professional writers must own a strong vocabulary, demonstrate a complete understanding of syntax and semantics, and have an intuitive ability to connect with their reader. While this is true and represents my own writing abilities, I am even more passionate and committed to engaging in an exhilarating life that gives me the context and the courage to write in a truly exceptional fashion.

I love traveling and have been all over the world. I have experienced many cultures and have friends of many different backgrounds. I play soccer, I've taken cooking classes, and I even play chess. I am an avid reader and draw inspiration from those before me while also meditating on my own life experiences to create unique, memorable content whenever the pen is in my hand!

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

-Virginia Woolf

Executive Summary

Let's get to the good stuff!

During our initial meeting, you mentioned several key areas that were slowing down or even hurting Sunscape Consulting's business. These pain points were:

  • Inconsistent quality and timing of blog content and social media posts.
  • Too much fluff in email newsletters and lack of clear CTAs.
  • Limited bandwidth to manage and guide writing process for Sunscape Consulting.

In this proposal, I will offer solutions on how I will solve these problems by providing:

  • Consistent, high-quality blog and social media writing delivered on time according to a shared content calendar.
  • Email newsletters written with persuasive, direct response-style copy driving email clicks to key website and product pages.
  • Reliable, self-managed writing that is always delivered on-time and at a high quality without needing significant handholding along the way!

I have extensive experience with this kind of writing and have helped other clients just like you in the past.

I feel confident that if you enjoy my writing style and approach to our partnership thus far, I will be able to exceed your expectations across the board!

Proposed Writing Services

The following recommended services are based on a quarterly program where we will establish a working relationship and establish an ongoing strategy afterwards.

Blog Posts

I recommend a bi-monthly blog posting strategy focused around conversational search terms that your customers are searching for with Google and other search engines.

The goal of these blog posts will be to:

  • Achieve page 1 search ranking for customers looking for this relevent content (inbound marketing)
  • Provide content for the website, improving SEO efforts and ensuring visitors that Sunscape Consulting's site is current and committed to establishing thought leadership around its customers key questions

Cost of Blog Post: $175 | Recommended Frequency: 2x/month | View Sample

Email Marketing

I recommend a monthly email marketing campaign to engage your customer and lead list, sharing new blog posts in each email blast along with other relevant information.

The goal of these email campaigns will be to:

  • Leverage valuable blog content in a cost-effective way to email list on a monthly basis.
  • Offer a monthly touchpoint to leads and customers while also communicating company information, sales and other key content.

Cost of Email Campaign: $250 | Recommended Frequency: 1x/month | View Sample

Social Media Posts

I recommend weekly social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, distributing blog content to social audiences.

The goal of these social media posts will be to:

  • Provide relevant content that drives potential customers to Sunscape Consulting's website.
  • Keep social media networks active and engaged, reflecting positively on Sunscape Consulting's brand.

Cost of Social Media Post: $25 | Recommended Frequency: Weekly | View Sample

Work Scope

Establishing clarity is refreshing, simple, and effective way to collaborate masterfully.


  • Limited Content Revisions: Content tweaks and other small revisions are included with every piece of content.
  • Stock Photography: I have a paid membership to a stock photo site and am happy to pull images as needed for our work together.
  • Blog & Email Formatting: Written content will be formatted according to the existing templates in place. Template modification is not included.


  • Graphic Design: Custom graphic design is not included with my writing.
  • Engagement Moderation: Unless specifically agreed upon, our authors do not have an ongoing obligation to follow up with comments left on their articles.
  • Extended Revisions: Complete rewrites due to mind-changing, etc. will be charged an additional amount.

While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.

-Intent Marketing

Pricing Outline

The following estimate is based on a quarterly program following the recommended content production as outlined earlier in this proposal.

Freelance Writing Services


Blog Post


Email Newsletter


Social Media Posts


Total Excluding Tax$3,475.00


Let's Start Writing!

Book a time with me below to get started. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Client must share style manual, background information, and any data necessary to the development of content at the time of signing contract.

All copywriting and content services include [2 rounds] of revisions, unless otherwise agreed upon before signing of this freelance writing proposal.

All materials will be the sole property of [Client name], and [Client] reserves the right to edit, alter, or otherwise make changes. [Your name] reserves the right to use materials produced as part of [freelance copywriter’s name]’s online portfolio.