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Bid Proposal

Prepared By: Blue Pacific Building Co

For: Globebuild

Date: 4/10/2018

Let's Build Something Incredible.

Dear Globebuild,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your project and learn more about what you are hoping to accomplish.

Founded over 40 years ago by Henry Loder, Blue Pacific Building Co has transformed since its humble beginnings as a local building company into a national corporation working on everything from luxury residential builds to large-scale government projects.

With a diverse building background and deep experience in the Australian market, we’re bidding to be the exclusive local building company for global development corporation, Globebuild.

With plans to build several hospitals across New South Wales, Globebuild needs a trusted, knowledgeable partner in the region to finish these complex projects on time and on budget. Our repeated experience building significant projects to schedule and budget, including the recent completion of the Mona Manly healthcare campus in record time, shows we have a track record of delivery in this space.

Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to your thoughts on this proposal.

-John Johnson, Site foreman

Why partner with Blue Pacific Building Co?

Blue Pacific Building Co isn’t your run-of-the-mill construction company. We’re a full-service outfit, looking after everything from approvals, compliance and planning, to stakeholder management and of course, construction.

Taking a complete view of the project enables us to work together as one team to manage any blockages or issues so that they don’t stop progress. It is this agile approach to large-scale construction that makes us a perfect partner for Globebuild.

Given the tight timeframes and regulatory constraints Globebuild is facing with the development of several healthcare campuses in a new market, Blue Pacific Building Co would position ourselves as a partner to help you meet your deadlines and objectives, keeping the client and other stakeholders happy.

Case study

Constructing the Mona Manly Healthcare Campus

Blue Pacific Building Co has had a strong focus on healthcare construction for the better part of 25 years now. From hospitals and extended-care facilities to urgent-care clinics and ambulance stations, we’ve delivered innovative medical facilities for a range of clients serving the healthcare market.

We recently completed the new construction of the 27,870m² Mona Manly Hospital complex in northern Sydney, New South Wales.

The facility is a mix of private and public healthcare that serves more than 90,000 patients annually. Mona Manly Hospital has a full service urgent care facility, obstetrics unit and has more than 200 physicians on staff.

To finish such a significant project on time and on budget, we had to follow a very thorough and detailed process. From the start, we took the time to make sure all our functional teams understood the goals of the build to ensure we were always making decisions with the end user and client in mind.

From here, we performed a full architectural, engineering and electrical system assessment so we could outline any perceived limitations and regulatory constraints early on. Avoiding potentially costly surprises down the road.

Next, we created a master facility plan. This is our original project blueprint and what we continuously referred back to as we moved through the build. This includes detailed field assessments and management interviews for the conceptual input so we can confirm what’s being constructed is actually going to be user-friendly.

Taking the time to prepare for such a complex project enabled us to closely forecast the financial requirements of the build and determine if the proposed budget is indeed realistic.

Once we had all the necessary information we completed the final construction documents to confirm final designs, project scope, budgets and schedule. And then, procurement could begin. Where possible, we opt for local suppliers and contractors - this helped to engage local stakeholders and demonstrate to the community that they too could benefit from such a large infrastructure project being built in their region.

From here, about 12 months into the project, we broke ground and building began on time. The facility took three years to complete. We handed over the keys with as-built drawings, operations manuals, training sessions in 2016 and completed a 12-month checkup to ensure everything continued to run smoothly.

We pride ourselves on adding value by building well thought through facilities that streamline workflows, can be scaled with growing demand and promote better patient care.

Today, the facility continues to serve the local community, offering exceptional care to those who need it most.


Phase 1

Discovery - 12 months

  • Set project objectives and proposed scope
  • Complete architectural, engineering and electrical system assessment
  • Create a master plan
  • Agree on budget
  • \Prepare final construction documents with confirmed designs, project scope, budgets and schedule
  • Kickstart procurement
  • Launch stakeholder management program
  • Ensure site compliance
  • Phase 3

    Construction - 3 years

  • Break ground to commissioning
  • Phase 4

    Commissioning - 6 months

  • Handover as-built plans
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Devise operations manuals
  • Phase 5

    Continued support - 2 years

  • Post-build check up
  • Additional building training
  • Build Site

    Initial Estimate

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions (Summary)

    A detailed TOC will be signed when everything is finalized on paper.


    We offer a one year warranty against all defects of workmanship and materials. This warranty does not include:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Defects in equipment or appliances covered by the manufacturer
  • Cracks formed after concrete sets
  • Damage from sunlight
  • Loss or damage due to weather or acts of God
  • Unforeseeable Events

    {Client Name} is responsible for all unforeseeable conditions that may arise during the course of this project. For significant events, {Client Name} will contact us and submit a change order to adjust the estimate.


    In the unlikely event of a dispute, it may be submitted to a private arbitration service in the State of {State}


    Payment for this work will be completed in the following manner:

  • 30% due to start work
  • 40% due at the midway point
  • 30% due upon completion
  • "You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure."

    -Gordon Hinckley

    Meet our team

    John Johnson, Site Foreman

    As employee number one, John has been around since the beginning of Blue Pacific Building time. He's been a key member of the team, helping drive company growth, strategy but always maintaining our values of delivering high quality builds - on time and on schedule.

    Betty Benson, Project Manager

    Blue Pacific's problem solver, Betty has a knack for navigating tricky situations so that projects can stay on track. She's a master in organisation and has a degree in Project Management from the University of New Month. With over 30 years experience on government builds, she's worked on both the client-side and the build-side.

    Josh Janson, Community Relations Manager

    A former mining executive, Josh knows a thing or two about communicating in a group situation. His strong leadership skills helps calm stakeholder concerns and bring everyone along on the journey.

    Ready to break ground?

    Please use the calendar below to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss this proposal in detail.