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Life's greatest moments

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Your wedding is going to be one of the greatest times of your life.

With it's rustic foliage of vivid reds and golds, the fall season is the perfect backdrop for you and your family and friends to share in your big day.

Read on to learn more about our special fall wedding package, through which we'll capture the essence of this magical season and time in your lives.

Our service

Our fall package comes with the following services.

Two expert photographers with over 10 years' combined wedding photography experience.

Photography for both the Wedding and the Reception.

Photos all taken with Full HD DLSR.

Custom speciality Autumn themed photo booth shot with Polaroid camera and souvenir pictures.

Post production editing of photos.

All photos delivered and bonded with our custom leather Autumn themed photo book.


Our schedule for the wedding


Our first photographer will arrive at the wedding one hour before it starts to scope and plan out the angles of the wedding venue.


During the duration of the wedding our first photographer will take all photos of the wedding.


During the wedding our second photographer will arrive at the reception venue and setup the photo booth.


Our first photographer will continue taking photos for the duration of the reception, while our second photographer man's the Autumn photo booth.


The photos will be developed and edited by our expert staff at our studio. This could take 3–5 days.


After post-development your photos will be binded into the photo book in our studios and be sent to you in 2–4 business days.


Payable no later than 30 days prior to the event.

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Our portfolio

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