Whiteforce Data | December 2019

It’s time to move

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce we’ve found a great new office space in Little Havana which will fit all our current employees and give us plenty of space to add more people in the future.

This relocation will enable us all to work together more efficiently and serve our clients better. We look forward to having the team in our new premises in just a few short months.

Kind regards,

Jeff, Whiteforce Data CEO

Our people & culture lead Effie is managing the office move – which will happen next March – and she’s written a quick guide to the office move answering your most popular questions below:

Will my desk be near a window?

The seating plan hasn’t yet been decided, but as soon as we have something, we will share it with people managers who will ultimately decide where people will sit.

Will there be more meeting rooms?

Yes! We go from our current 4 meeting rooms to 8 meeting rooms. Plus, there’s an abundance of great cafes nearby where you can organize meetings. As always, we will continue to use our online booking system to make sure everyone can access rooms easily.

Can we get Aeron chairs and fresh fruit delivered?

Please email all office-related requests to peopleandculture@whiteforce.com.au. We always do our best to make our new workplace great and will continue to supply tea, coffee and filtered water in the new office. There will be a new office fitout, so everyone will have new desks, storage and chairs.

When can we see the new office?

We’ve managed to secure two appointments over the next fortnight for staff to take a look at the premises. You can choose to go on October 14 at 9am or on October 23 at 2pm. Please respond to the calendar invites to RSVP.

We’re really excited about this move and realize some of you may be worried about it disrupting your work. Please feel free to chat with me (or send an email, if you’d prefer) to raise any questions you may have.


Jeff, Whiteforce Data CEO