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Fort Holdings LLC

2816 S Ann Arbor Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

November 13, 2017

Market Insights

Now is the time to bring this property to market and achieve an exceptional price:

  • Growing demand in Oklahoma state for medium logistics and storage sites with a preference for purchase over lease
  • Strong yield compression due to limited quality industrial assets
  • Scarcity of large-scale assets in key locations on offer
  • Proximity to Interstate 40


Property Analysis

  • A modern 20,667sf  institutional-grade facility located just off I40
  • Significant loading canopies and full drive-through capabilities for B-double vehicles
  • Long-term passive income leased to a multi-national tenant


Asset Valuation

$20,000,000 to $32,000,000

The Property


We have identified this warehouse as an ideal property for logistics, storage, manufacturing, product testing and more. This is an utilitarian industrial warehouse that has served businesses for over 50 years and has a variety of desirable attributes.

  • Substantial site area of 44,670sf (approx) on in a dedicated industrial precinct with arterial connections to Interstate Highway 40
  • The second largest industrial warehouse in East Oklahoma City a potential Gross Floor Area of 20,667sf (approx) and a height limit of 180ft
  • Existing zoning permits a range of medium and heavy industrial, logistics and manufacturing uses
  • Secure holding income with demolition clauses on all leases
  • Land Area: 44,670sf
  • Floor Area: 20,667sf

Our Strategy


This asset will attract institutional AREITS, trust funds, interstate and local buyers.


Marketing Strategy

Interstate Expression of Interest campaign to ensure the maximum possible exposure, while providing flexibility and a de-risked process.


Marketing Budget




We propose a four-week campaign beginning on March 27, 2018

Your Team


Guy Blacksmith

Senior Agent at OKC Commercial Real Estate


Paul McGlynn

Oklahoma Manufacturing Specialist (consultant)



Sole Agency: 0.75% of the sale price (excluding taxes)

Joint Agency: 1% of total sale price, split evenly between agents (excluding taxes)

Let’s do business 


Alan Mountain

Senior Proposal Manager | OKC Commercial Real Estate

5432 Commercial Av, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, USA

+1 555-272-5301