Location based technology solutions that turn vehicle logistics into an exact science.

Compass Consulting is a business consulting firm based in Chicago. We specialise in location-based technology solutions that turn vehicle logistics into an exact science. Our people are expert and understanding the needs and goals of businesses across heavy industry, engineering, transport, construction and emergency services.




Knowledge is power, so we leave no stone unturned when we get to know your business, your pain-points and your goals. Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and a genuine curiosity about systems, people and industries separate us from the rest.

Project Management

We practice what we preach. Our project management teams are practical, realistic, methodical and cool-headed in even the toughest situations. They’ve been through it all. We work with our clients to ensure the effective delivery of solutions without cutting corners.

Technology Advice

We seek out the best technology to ensure maximum efficiency. We develop reliable and viable options through practical innovation and thorough testing to ensure a solution that is easy to implement and use on a daily basis.

Data Analysis

We turn little data into big data and work out exactly how it can be best implemented to improve efficiencies. Our team of dedicated analysts are experts in their field, and many have hands-on experience in a variety of industries.

“I started out at construction as a teenager, I’ve seen everything. But Compass Consulting really opened my eyes to the high level of efficiency a modern construction business – any business – needs to have.”

Bill Peters

Head of Logistics, Jungle Concrete


A Job Well Done

It may sound generic, but knowing that we can help make the world work a better drives us to succeed. There are inefficiencies everywhere, and we work to smooth them out by combining research, analytics, technology and know-how to be the best.

Our Team

We have several locations throughout Mid-West capital cities and industrial centres. We look for the sharpest minds – but hands-on experience is essential to understand and improve upon every detail of a business’s structure and offering.

Let’s Talk

Efficiency is our business.

Let us help your business take the next step in being on time, every time.

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