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Logistics Consulting - Chicago Fleet

Dear Bill,

Thanks for inviting us to discuss Jungle Concrete’s operational and business goals.

Through our initial research, we believe that we can make a positive impact on Jungle’s operation to ensure you have more satisfied customers and increase revenue.

This quote includes your requests for complete logistics review and solutions recommendation, plus estimates for implementation. Please let us know how this quote suits you, or if you would like any clarification.

If you are happy to move forward, please accept this Quote and we will get to work!

Best wishes,

Sebastian Gallinari

“I started out at construction as a teenager, I’ve seen everything. But Compass Consulting really opened my eyes to the high level of efficiency a modern construction business – any business – needs to have.”

Bill Peters

Head of Logistics, Jungle Concrete

Scope Of Work


Research and Business Mapping

  • Employee and partner interviews
  • Solution research and testing
  • Solutions Implementation

  • Project management
  • Development of modern and efficient CRM system
  • Employee training partnering with technology providers
  • Implementing daily reporting procedures
  • Crisis planning
  • Quote

    Please let us know if we can clarify anything.




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